The Alpine Playhouse will hold auditions for the Winter Carnival
production on Thursday, November 15 at 7 pm at the McCall
Public Library. A comedy by Norm Foster, Bedtime Stories, will
be reviewed. The play has a series of six scenes all which have a
bed as a focus. Scenes include a woman visiting an old lover she
feels she has wronged, an aging rock star not wanting to deal
with a groupie, and a nightclub owner trying to fire a stripper that
cannot dance. Other plays that will be considered are Mrs.
Parliament’s Night Out, also by Norm Foster and Artifice by Anne
Flanagan. Plays will have a mixed cast of adult men and women
of all ages. Those who are interested in acting, lighting, or
staging are invited to attend. Contact John Lewinski at 630-3028
for more information.



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ALPINE PLAYHOUSE Photos Courtesy of
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