Alpine Playhouse presents The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered!  by Don Zolidis

A soap opera is failing in ratings so the producer gives the cast and crew one more night to bring in a hit show or they will all be fired. Trouble escalates as actors and production staff start being murdered! Keep on schedule to finish the show? Try to figure out who is responsible for the bodies that are littering the studio? The fun and mystery unfold!

John Lewinski directs and plays the crotchety, evil overlord of an international crime syndicate. Lynn Johnson is the demanding director of the TV show. Josh Riggin is an actor who may know who the killer is, but is mostly worried about the shape of his buttocks. Jo Roop is the undercover FBI agent who has different ideas about who the criminal is. Meghan Lightfoot starts out as stage manager but is promoted by death creating necessities. Eddy Allen plays a doctor convinced that he is too important to play on a soap opera. Keifer Roark is the handsome hero that all of the women are taken by. Julie Dierdan is an aging stage actress who has trouble differentiating between real life and her past television roles. Kirsten is the spritely, cheerful intern who happens to be missing when murders occur. Keliann Ivey plays a naïve hippy on the show but is a good judge of the talents of the other actors when she is not acting herself. Emilee Lightfoot is the camera woman and  Daniel Cope is the pushy producer that brings about the crisis in the first place.

The play opens on Thursday, January 23 and runs through Sunday, January 26.
It reopens on Wednesday, January 29, and plays every night until closing night Saturday, February 1. The price is $10 and tickets can be purchased at the door, or in advance at Barn Owl Books. Showtime is 7:30. The play is suitable for all ages.