Welcome to the Alpine Playhouse in McCall, Idaho

The Alpine Playhouse, providing a home for the performing arts; a place where we can meet together to create, challenge, inspire, and entertain. Come to our productions, there’s an experience for everyone!


The Alpine Playhouse will hold auditions for the Winter Carnival
production on Thursday, November 15 at 7 pm at the McCall
Public Library. A comedy by Norm Foster, Bedtime Stories, will
be reviewed. The play has a series of six scenes all which have a
bed as a focus. Scenes include a woman visiting an old lover she
feels she has wronged, an aging rock star not wanting to deal
with a groupie, and a nightclub owner trying to fire a stripper that
cannot dance. Other plays that will be considered are Mrs.
Parliament’s Night Out, also by Norm Foster and Artifice by Anne
Flanagan. Plays will have a mixed cast of adult men and women
of all ages. Those who are interested in acting, lighting, or
staging are invited to attend. Contact John Lewinski at 630-3028
for more information.


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ALPINE PLAYHOUSE Photos Courtesy of
Bear Basin Photography