A comedic murder-mystery by Pat Cook

Directed by John Lewinski.

Thursday, January 26 – Sunday, January 29
Wednesday, February 1 – Saturday February 4

Showtime is 7:30.

$10 Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at Barn Owl books.
Cash only.


The family patriarch, Bernard Pallfeather, has died under mysterious circumstances,
but who is to benefit from his death? His second wife and daughters of course,
but what about his niece (married to an ex-con) his estranged daughter, or eccentric sister-in-law?
The estate’s lawyer is scheduled to read the will at midnight with everyone in attendance,
but with the arrival of a violent thunderstorm and power outages, members of the family
begin getting picked off one-by-one – who’s to blame?
We can only hope the private detective hired by one of the family members
solves the case before there’s no one left.
Jack Sparks, a private eye whose identity is secret to no one, is played by Daniel Cope. Kirsten Azoulay plays the naïve daughter who just wants to find the murderer. Rick Piper plays Montgomery, the unsmiling butler with a secret to hide. Diane Penny is the dithering matron with a plan to find the killer herself. Matt and Lexie Bryant play the ex-con nephew and man-hungry niece who seem most determined to switch the wills. Madi Drake plays the twin sisters Kathleen and Colleen Pallfeather. Jane Dykas is eccentric Aunt Zelda. Michelle Rentzsch plays estranged, dour daughter Maxine. Jacob Keith is Mr. Burnett, the lawyer afraid of his own shadow. Autumn Herold plays both a telegram messenger and police officer who don’t know what they’re in for. Collin Van Hoole runs the lights with Babe Nash on sound.
Photo by Hoby Richards